ROKR AMK63 Magic Cello Mechanical Music Box 3D Wooden Puzzle


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Assembled size: 9.25x 8.07x 7.28 in
Package size: 12.48 x9.17×2.5in
wood pieces: 199 pcs
Item weight: 1.83 lbs
Assembled time:4.5h

CTN size: 12.48 x19.49×13.58in
G.W./ctn: 30.9lbs
qty/ctn: 10 pcs



Born at the end of the 18th century, the music box solidified abstract music into a tangible artwork, witnessing the history of human civilization for more than 300 years. ROKR thus designed the Mechanical Music Box Series, which puts the ‘time’ in small ‘spaces’. The elegant and beautiful cello, with its traditional classical high class feel, has always been loved by people, so ROKR has incorporated the cello into the “mechanical music box”, and designed this Magic Cello music box 3D wooden puzzle.

With a romantic retro style, this cello music box puzzle is mainly a combination of cello and magic book. The hollow structure of the body shows the internal gear set, six-petal flower embellished on it, the panel is engraved with a classic European pattern, very retro aesthetic. The product is also interspersed with a large number of magic elements, such as magic books, little witches and cats, giving people a retro and mysterious visual experience. In addition, the base of the magic book shape, using the story of the “father of the cello” Pablo Casals, and the main self-playing cello echoes.


 Self-playing Mechanism                                                 Six-petal Flower Gear Body                                           Mysterious Magic Ancient Book



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