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ROKR AMK81 Magic Piano Mechanical Music Box 3D Wooden Puzzle


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Assembled size: 5.51x 6.69x 4.92 in
Package size: 12.48 x9.17×2.64in
wood pieces: 223pc
Item weight: 1.87 lbs
Assembled time:4.5h

CTN size: 19.69 x14.57×13.54in
G.W./ctn: 18.73lbs
qty/ctn: 10 pcs



The Magic Piano has some retro and attractive designs. It has self-playing keys, shrouding it in mystery. With its exquisite transparent lid, this musical marvel allows you to witness the intricate gear mechanisms nestled within, giving life to the self-playing keys. The base of the Magic Piano is a tribute to antiquity, crafted from ancient books that hold the wisdom of bygone eras. Embracing a nostalgic charm, this piano showcases retro-inspired design elements, including a charming retro candlestick.


Transparent lid                                                                    Self-playing piano keys                                                    Gear transmission mechanism



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