Rokr LK501 Pendulum Clock 3D wooden puzzle Mechanical gear


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Assembly size: 9.21 x 4.61 x 13.62 in
Package size: 14.57 x 9.84 x 1.99 in
Wooden pieces: 166pcs
Material: Plywood, Inner machine (Wind-up spring), Accessories
Item weight: 2.42 lbs
Assembly time: 6h

Carton size:
20.08 x 14.76 x 10.04 in

Qty/ctn:10 PCS
G.W./ctn: 25.83 lbs


Robotime-ROKR mechanical wind-up Pendulum Clock LK501 is a real wooden clock that can actually work! This stylish spring-driven clock 3D wooden puzzle will provide you with an amazing building experience. Assemble all the pieces & mechanisms together and watch how it works. Best mechanical gears 3D wooden puzzle kit for your kids, boyfriend & husband.

REAL PENDULUM: A gravity-swing pendulum with precise anchor escapement

3 HOURS TICKING: It can actually work for around 1-3 hours when finished!

STYLISH OUTLOOK: Appealing home decor for room or office

CHALLENGE YOUR MIND: Fun of kits building & brain-teasing of mechanical engineering

PERFECT GIFT: Gift for mechanical lovers or family & friends at any occasions like birthday, father’s day or Christmas.




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